Friday, February 22, 2008

Martin out on Law & Order....nooooooooooooo!

Ugh, Jesse Martin is leaving "Law & Order." Doh! The chemistry's going to be all messed up now. I like Anthony Anderson in comedy...not so sure about him on "Law & Order."

At least we still have Detective Lupo.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't forget the Boyz II Men lyrics

Boyz II Men are the contestants on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" tonight. It's sad. It means I'm old and they're washed up.

I need my real shows back! And Wayne Brady just needs to get back to comedy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Damn you, John Mayer.

I swear we're still broken up, but this makes me laugh.

I'm sure I have Amnesia, too.

Sadly, Deal Or No Deal has been feeling really appealing to me lately. I'll feel a little bit better watching the new game show I just saw an ad for, Amnesia. Getting Dennis Miller back on TV, good.

In this show, contestants are asked questions about their own pasts. In the commercial, the show brought out five women in wedding dresses and asked the male contestant to pick out his wife's wedding dress. The expression on his face -- spanktastic.

I'd face Jeopardy, The Weakest Link, even the lie detector test show. There is no way I'd ever go on this show. The last thing I need is for everyone in the country to know about my swiss cheese brain.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just gimme my book.

What is going on with service workers lately? Is there some kind of touchy-feely mandate going out from management? Get to know your customers?

Last month, I was in a bookstore buying the book "P.S. I Love You," and the woman checking me out shared, "Oh, I loved this book because I'm a widow, too." Wow -- thanks. Awkward. What am I supposed to say to that? "Oh, I'm sorry. How did he die?" I wouldn't, though, because that would be prying into a STRANGER'S life.

Today I was buying a new cell phone and the guy helping me out noticed the photo of my dog on my wallpaper. "My dog has diarrhea." WHAT??? Those words actually came out of his mouth. Two points for hotshot sales guy -- that's disgusting and I don't care. Is that really the image a salesperson should be putting in a customer's head to make the sale?

In summary, be nice, be friendly, but don't overshare. Make the sale and let me get back to my life!