Monday, January 7, 2008

During flu season, you'll find me at the Minute Clinic

Since there's not much TV to talk about (Desperate Housewives. Eh.), let's talk flu shots. I put off getting mine until this weekend, and kept thinking, There's some drug store you can get them at now.

And you can. I got mine at the Minute Clinic at CVS. These places are awesome. A registered nurse was staffing the clinic this weekend, but physician's assistants also work there. They can diagnose and prescribe for strep throat and sinus and bladder infections, as well as give a variety of vaccinations. No line, no waiting, no doctor's office. And branded bandages.

Love it. Next year I'll be first in line.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Law and Order: Back From The Dead

If you knew how much I love Law & Order, you would know how much it killed me to watch it going down the TV tubes. Tonight was it's last chance with retooled staffs in both the precinct station and the courtroom. And it was awesome.

Two words -- Jeremy Sisto. His Cyrus Lupo uses less brawn and more finesse than any other cop on Law and Order and he was mesmerizing.

And the tension between newly minted Executive District Attorney Jack McCoy and Blackberry-toting ADA Michael Cutter was so much more sincere than the angst between Detective Ed Green and his partner played by Milena Govich. Now we'll see how many episodes we have before the writers' strike catches up with us.