Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My favorite stories of today

Everything always happens on one day. In no particular order...

Bride sues over flower color
It’s very important. Pastel is very different from rust. And for $27,435.14, you should get what you ordered.

Henry from Ugly Betty was in a movie about Tonga.
He was also one of the leads on that show “Out of Practice” with the Fonz, “A Life Less Ordinary” (the movie I saw on my first date with my husband) and Jake 2.0. Henry is adorkable.

Stephen Colbert to run for president

People hate clean Americans

Swearing in the workplace boosts morale
Only they call it ‘taboo language.’ And it’s true.

Dude, John Mayer is an ass
Who gets into a fight over Ron Paul? With the Mac guy!

Prison Break has jumped the shark
Why did Sara lose her head?

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